Guide To A Clean Closet and Smart Shopping.

Happy New Year Everyone!

It feels great to start our year fresh by detoxing everything. Joining the gym, eating healthy, and cleaning your house and closet. 

Today, I want to focus on how to keep it clean.


( I know it's hard but it is necessary.)

Was anyone else on a roll of decluttering their home and closet while watching the new show "Tidying up" on Netflix? It hit me like a lightning bolt. I had to act! But the hardest part was cleaning out my closet. I love EVERYTHING in my closet.

I made a pile and stood in front of a huge mountain of beautiful dresses, tops, bottoms, shoes, boots and more. I was surprised at how many items I had forgotten that I still owned...mostly worn in the age of B.C.(Before Children). They all brought me good memories and it was hard to let them go (which is why I still had them after 10 plus years...)

Saying "Thank you" and "Goodbye" to the clothes and letting go was somehow better for my soul than just "throwing them away". 

I donated them and hoped that the next owner would appreciate them as much as I did.



Now that your closet is clean (empty?) you can make a plan for what you want to bring into your future. You don't have to start shopping like crazy, but you have made a bit of room, and you'll never regret an essential item (the timing is perfect since many stores including ONON clothing have huge mark downs on lots of items. )

I always start with ESSENTIAL items to renew or add to my closet each year.

Here are the ESSENTIALS

-Clean White tee 

There are never enough white tee shirts and what other way to freshen your wardrobe than adding a crisp clean white Tee.


Shann Classic Tee (Was $68 Now$45

 SOL Essential White Tee (Was $64  Now $45)

- White Button Down Shirt

If you love a good white button down shirt (as anyone should own at least one) The Split-Back Button Down by Bella Dahl is an investment piece.


Split Back Button Down

(Was $116 Now $93)


-Black Skinny Pants/ Jeans.

Honestly, if you have already found or own your favorite black skinny jeans, good for you. If not take advantage of this SALE time and find yourself a pair!

OLIVIA Skinny Jeans (Was $70. Now$56)

KORA Skinny (Was$70 Now$50)


-Statement Jacket/Blazer

I probably have mentioned this before but I believe that owning one good statement Black Jacket is A MUST! It does not have to be Black. It could Navy (trendy color this year.) Whatever shape or design it is, having a black jacket/ blazer in your closet is always handy at any place or time. 

Bristol Jacket from ONON has all that versatility. It has the grey hood that can be detached in case you would like to wear it with your cocktail dress. (They are on SALE too! what!?)

Bristol Jacket (was $215.60 Now $150)


St.Andrew Jacket (Was $215.60  Now $129)

STEP 3: Trendy/Seasonal Pieces Can Wait.

Since we covered the essentials for the year, there is no rush for buying everything that will be trendy for the year of 2019. 

As I have written a blog about 2019 patterns and colors before, I know it can be overwhelming to shop and spend money on neon colors and printed pieces. 

I personally shop my trendy items where I can get a great deal since they may last for a season or a little longer.  Any fast retailers like H&M, Old Navy and Target clothes are great for this in case it goes out of style, you won't feel too bad in letting it go.  ZARA is one of my all time favorite stores and where I shop for my seasonal and trendy clothes.(Besides ONON boutique obviously;) )

Fashion is not about spending too much money on clothes, it is all about balance.  The key is to mix and match your essential pieces with your trendy, affordable pieces. Not necessarily which piece is more expensive. If you'd like to invest in a glittery jacket from a big name and wear it with some affordable white tee or dress, I say go ahead! 

For example, I love to wear my button down shirt from Bella dahl (essentials) with ZARA jeans (trendy)  and some white sneakers during the day. For going out, I dress it up with a pop color or print blouse from ZARA (trendy) with my black skinny jeans and black blazer (Central Park West) (both essentials) and stiletto pumps. 


In summary, clean that closet, start with an essential item and take your time with the trends.  Have a fabulous 2019!


xoxo-- ONON




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